comic cast

rumi comic RUMI
Although Rumi was born in the jungle and lived there for only a year and a half, she sure has lots of jungle girl tendancies. Most of her clothes are hand-made by her mom and they have an uncanny resemblance to pajamas. Rumi and her family live in a small studio in a creepy neighborhood. Rumi spends much of her time on wacky money making schemes.

skye comic SKYE
Skye is Rumi's best friend. She is the more logical one—usually. Sometimes she has bouts of silliness, especially when it comes to boys. Unlike Rumi, she has money. But like Rumi, she has a not-so-secret crush on one of the twins. The same one? Eh, they probably can't tell them apart anyway.

kristi comic KRISTI
Kristi completes the Rumi and Skye trio. She is completely boy crazy and will run off to chase cute boys. Despite her wandering eyes, she is one of the nicest people you'll meet. She has a crush on several boys and her cutie list changes almost every minute. In fact, it changed just now.

wes comic WES
From what we know about him, Wes is a nice guy. Except for Ty, he's the youngest of the cast. He's very smart, resourceful, a good listener, and not at all annoying. Wes is popular with the guys and girls. Isn't he just perfect? Well probably not, that's why he's in this comic.

bryan comic BRYAN
Bryan has a twin named Ryan. They're always together and wear matching outfits. If there was a pop poll in elementary school, these two would be it. Bryan is the talker of the two. If they didn't have speech bubbles, would anyone be able to tell them apart? Well, there is one telltale sign.

ryan comic RYAN
Ryan is the other twin. Ryan is quite shy. He's one of those guys that mumbles yes, no, and all those other one-word answers. The twins probably don't know it, but they already have their own secret fan club. FYI girls, it meets every other Monday at recess and lasts about a minute.

devan comic DEVAN
Devan is Rumi's mortal enemy. Well, compared to everyone else on this list that is. Devan is sarcastic, obnoxious, and full of himself. It's funny that people still like to hang out with him, even Wes. We guess Devan does have a few redeeming traits such as... well, we have to get back to you on that.

dad comic DAD
Rumi's dad is a cook. His job pays him only enough to get by each month. He's a good father and husband, but not perfect. Whether it's for his family or himself, Dad comes up with somewhat ingenious ways to get what he cannot afford. Oh, so that's where Rumi gets it from.

mom comic MOM
Rumi's mom works at home. She spends most of her day sewing and taking care of her two kids. Mom and Dad make quite a hip team and can take on pretty much whatever Rumi and Ty dish out. You can say that mom is the bad cop, but she also spoils her kids rotten whenever she can.

ty comic TY
Ty is Rumi's baby brother. Unfortunately for Rumi, Ty cannot follow directions well and makes for a really bad sidekick. He's fairly innocent we think, but has a tendancy to end up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Ty can't talk yet and he is super cute with round cheeks you can't help but pinch.