comic store

Ok, we don't really have a store because to be brutally honest, you haven't demanded one. But since you insisted instead, we slapped together a wee store. Here is the not-so-secret link. We even stepped it up and actually bought some of our own stuff. They are quite awesome if we do say so ourselves.

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In a galaxy far, far away, what rumbuncious items would you be interested in owning (if any)? T-shirts? Coffee mugs? Mouse pads? Stickers? Window clings? Mini buttons? Sarcastic greeting cards? Post cards? Mini posters? Toilet paper? We might test out some unmentionable designs on some questionable products later on. If it looks good and there is a demand, hopefully we can add some more color to this page.

We plan to self-publish rumbuncious comics once our collection moves beyond the few strips we have so far. After all, we would like to have a comic strip book that is more than 1 page long. You know, because the standard is at least 2 pages so we can at least staple it together. Given that, it may take us several years to amass enough comics to fill those pages. We won't hold our breath, but you can if you really want to.