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rumbuncious comics

Comic strips about friendship, love, money, and a girl in pj's.

Some of the funniest things happened to us when we were little. Here is a collection of web comics featuring a group of rambunctious kids taking on those elementary years. Rumi and friends encounter the usual, often humorous, everyday episodes of friendship, love, money, and craziness. Many of these comics are based on real-life stories with a few imaginary tales thrown in the mix. Comics are updated—surprise—at random to build up suspense and notoriety, of course. If you enjoy these comics or even if you don't, join our mailing list below to find out when!

While you're here, feel free to browse through the website, like the comic cast page. Maybe you'll find something interesting. Often times, learning little details about a cartoon, movie, or book makes it that much more enjoyable. Since this is a brand new online comic (less than 25 years old), it would be awesome if you can tell your friends, family, relatives, classmates, coworkers, neighbors, exes (completely optional), dentist, and/or pets about it. There's even a blog for you to post your thoughts or if you dare, to listen to us talk about nothing. Enjoy the comics, they're free for a limited time* and fun for all ages!

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*We may start charging "jumping jacks" and maybe "push ups" in the future. You just never know.